Travel Tip: Always keep your contact information in wallet and luggage.

Among all the good things in travel, theft remains the biggest risk. Not just theft but also loosing the valuable stuff and luggage is equally troublesome. In some cases, your stuff may fall into hands of someone with fair intentions, so this travel tip would be useful throughout all the journeys.

Yesterday evening I got an abandoned wallet at New Delhi metro station. By seeing the content and condition of it, I understood that someone stole this wallet, took the money and threw it in the corner.



Even without money, it contained very important documents including government ID’s and vehicle RC. Unfortunately, there was no contact information.

After checking all documents in the wallet, I found an acknowledgement receipt of bank. Owner’s account number and name was mentioned in it. I somehow contacted customer care of the bank and informed them about the theft.

As they were not authorized to provide account holder information, I gave them my contact details and they further contacted the owner and shared him my phone number.

Finally after one hour, I got a call from owner of the wallet. First thing I told him was to keep his contact number in wallet always. Had it been easily available, he could have got his wallet without so much hassle.

Incidents like pick pocketing can happen with anyone anytime. So its better to keep contact details handy. Even if there is 1% chance of getting back our valuables, we should not ignore it.

So, note down the travel tip: “Always keep your contact information in wallet and luggage.


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