Love Travelling? Know how to travel free of cost

Love Travelling? …. who doesn’t.

Want to Travel? ……who doesn’t?.

Have a dream destination?….. Who doesn’t.

Then, what’s blocking you?… Finances. Wish I could Travel free throughout the year to my dream destinations.

Exploring new destinations, seeking happiness, learning new cultures, relish upon plethora of food item are some of the perks of travelling. Whether its a trip with group of friends or couple Travel or a solo trip or even a business trip, they all have a pleasure of their own.

Traveling free is a dream for every other person in the world but it is not an impossible one. There are ways to Travel free, not just in 2018 but in every year. We are suggesting some of the ways. Not all of them would be too difficult but they do require some quality efforts.

1. Join any MNC

MNCs generally works on several offshore and domestic projects, which will require you to Travel to certain places. These destinations could be international or domestic. All you have to do is a little bit of research to know the organizations that are currently hiring for offshore projects or can provide this opportunity later on. This method will give you dual benefits. First, you will get a hike in salary and second you will get chances for a paid trip better known as business trips.

2. Be a popular travel blogger

This one is difficult and will not happen overnight but you may always rely on your knowledge, writing and marketing skills. Once you get millions of followers, then budding or existing entrepreneurs in traveling business will offer you to stay with them for free and do a write up or review.

3. Be a part time travel manager




When Travel agencies plan and organize a trip for some large groups or organizations (MNCs), they send a Travel manager cum guide to coordinate their stay, food and activities during the trip. These trips are of small duration lasting at most one weekend. You may get yourself connected with one of these agencies and Travel free at every available opportunity.




4. Look for contest on travel sites


Popular Travel sites seldom publishes online contests and as a reward they offer 2–3 days of trip. It is also a difficult way but you may rely upon your luck here also.




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