Why Bali is the most popular destination for Indians?

Ever wondered why your social feeds are filled with photographs of your friends visiting Bali? Even if you haven’t, then also it is right place to know why everyone is headed for Bali.

  1. Variations of life within same island

Bali offers you different styles of life within itself. You might stay at Kuta, to experience the night life, vibrant music of discotheques, smoke, drinks and shopping. In short, the most happening area to stay in. In oppose to this, Seminyak and Nusa dua embrace serenity and peaceful environment.

  1. Dirt cheap prices

Indonesian currency of one Rupiah converts to approx. 206 Indian rupees. You may imagine the spending rate now.

  1. Delicious food (for non-vegetarians)

Most of the food is sea food or is non-vegetarian so vegetarians have a real hard time there, but it’s a paradise for non-vegetarians. Experiment and try a new dish at every meal. There are some Indian restaurants as well that serve delicious food. Both category of eaters can have a delicious time eating.

Food at Bali

  1. Coffee plantations

Indonesian coffee plantations are popular worldwide. Number of tea and coffee flavors are in abundance in Bali. Moreover, you can taste them for free. Also, Luwak coffee (the most expensive coffee) is also available.

Coffe Plant at Bali

  1. Temples and Hindu Religion

Hindu Religion is practiced in majority. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are worshipped as main gods. While commuting through city, statues and temples are seen everywhere.

Lord Krishna at Bali

  1. Scenic Indian ocean

Indian ocean will not look as beautiful anywhere as it is in Bali. Water sports add fun to its experience. Numerous water sport activities can be enjoyed.

Bali Beach


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