My first trip experience as a solo women traveler

My first solo trip was to Paris this year. I booked an apartment for my short trip in Avenue Daumensil, Paris. Coming from India, I was totally unaware of French language. Although, now I can understand basic words. Almost all the confusions that i faced were because of the language gap.


Metro station was a 2-minute walk, but it took me several hours to understand what to do and which ticket to buy as the person in charge did not understand English. No offense to anyone, but I felt that the people in help center very straight forwardly tell you “French only” and offer no assistance, not even a smile. It sometimes look very rude to a stranger looking for some help. Although, I had done my google research but still I wanted to get it confirmed from authority.

Anyways, I decided to go by bus and was trying to understand the map with very confused expressions. Somehow a lady deciphered my expressions and very nicely asked me if she could offer some help. Help was the only thing i was looking for. I asked her almost whole itinerary for my two day trip and she very patiently told me best monuments and mode of transport to reach every point. She also advised me to write date on my travel pass which could led me to pay a fine if checked.Once I was equipped with all the information, my trip was a cake walk.

While planning the trip, I was apprehensive about going alone. Several questions were burning in my head like how will I enjoy alone, how will I communicate, how should I stay safe etc etc. But once I started the journey, I realized how free you feel while traveling alone. You could choose to stay as long as you want at the points you love, you could move in any direction and try any food.Certainly, this solo trip experience taught me to understand and talk to people who don’t understand your language. Also, now i can make any plan without fear of someone else cancelling it.



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