Hunger Free India – A step

A very common Story of every Indian’s  Inside , Lets Turn our thought to a Step !!

One who is reading this , I am very sure is not going to sleep hungry tonight ,
it is because we can afford it and we can buy . Why I am very sure of this because food is the first need of any living
life on this earth , and if he is able to fulfill this , then only he can think of next .

We as a globe are heading towards , where social / financial difference is increasing every next second.
Poor is getting poorer and rich is becoming richer .It look like a very famous proverb but yes this is only the truth which is live .
Who dies of hunger ?? Who commits suicide of loans ?? Why does he do so ??
These are some question which always haunts middle class people as remaining two classes of human race are struggling.Helping Hunger
Poor class is struggling to survive and most importantly struggling to eat .
Rich Class is struggling in wasting resources and with full swing busy in doing that .
Left is the middle class which very majorly percentage of the society and at the upper line of the poor class, who always struggle to stay in that class as becoming rich for them is myth and becoming poor is very easy .

there was one conversation happened with me some days back with one of the poor family male person .
Question was to him                                                                                                                                                   “What kind of education you give to you child , or what do you teach to him so that he can grow up to survive ?”
Answer                                                                                                                                                                                 “I educate and make my child learn how to bear hunger and how to sleep hungry !!”
the answer was heart breaking , he added,                                                                                                                      “It is always or most of the time that we have to go sleep hungry because we have nothing to cook / eat , we can not afford to buy something everyday , and if my child need to survive he has to learn this art like his mother and me has learnt over time“.

I am very sure in this county there are many families  who made their child grew in such a developed environment that the word “POOR” is just subjective to them, i.e they can only hear it as word , what actually poorness is what they have never seen and that sense of feeling is also seen missing .
and this variance has increased a gap between rich and poor .
sense of negligence have built in period of time , we see huge count of children’s on road begging on daily basis. Very few percent of population pay heed to them and just move ahead with setting their head on other side of it . reasons are straight and genuine as well , but who is suffering we ? no they who sleep hungry .

Once it was 10 PM in the night when I was swiftly walking towards my home as I was feeling dead hungry and just wanted to have something , while walking I saw some clutter shuffle around me in the garbage bin . I was scarred as it was lonely street , Out of curiosity I went near and saw a child and his sister were searching for some food from the garbage that we normally threw.  it was an alarm that blew my head  ,

  • what is it ?
  • why are they searching food here?
  • where are their parents ?

and many such question came circling my Head, but a knock from my stomach made me realize that as I can’t stay hungry so do they can’t , though I have something to eat  but they don’t have anything to eat than to search some shit-waste from the garbage .

I could not eat that day as those flashes kept me haunting , so much indifference  got created in period of time because of this money that their is “one section of society who have more fruits in their shampoo than what poor’s have in their plates to eat”.

If you can’t Feed Hundred People, then just feed one !!”  a very great line by Mother Teresa.

Those who cant feel the pain of hunger let me request one simple thing , try sleeping hungry once in your daily routine , am sure you will earn that pain that these hungry people live with throughout their life ,

Hunger , hunt of food , continuous neglect  and recursive failure have made them turn to a human that they are unacceptable now, we are very comfortable to call them in-appropriate , though we are also somewhere responsible for this makeover of them .

can this be mended ? can we rebuild this society we distorted ? how can it happen that our human breed sleep hungry ? lets take a small step let feed them , don’t purchase for them but share with them what you have. Don’t take extra load on you as I am sure we are middle class living at maximum threshold of life where spending even a extra rupee is not easy  . So lets pledge to feed from what we have and if we have something extra, I cook four chapati .. i will cook 5 .. or if I ate 4 chapati and one is left i will see that is not going waste.

United we stand is the formula where we can get rid of this social evil – hunger , lets get together in our own way and lets serve our heart in our own way.

lets start this step by feeding one and lets stick to one if we cannot afford for two , because going by one person feeding one person reduces the risk of staying hungry for more than 50 % of people sleeping hungry .

I have Started this work , and will share my feeling over here with some images which I am sure will motivate others as well .

Lets share this thought to maximum possible and lets get set Go for Hunger Free INDIA 



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