Story of Women Coach in Delhi Metro

A story of Delhi Metro ,

It was just another day, I opened my eyes after a peaceful sleep of 8hrs. I was feeling same as like a Dementia patient, “where I am and why I am??? (oh! the poor me).” How i will spend this long day? I don’t have anything to do.  Why the hell I wake up so early? Let me sleep again.”

I hugged my pillow and closed my eyes again. In another second, I opened my eyes with a jerk. I got back to my senses, “it is not a normal day for me. I needed to go for an interview today at Cannaught place”. I rushed to the bathroom.

I got ready & placed all my documents in my bag. Got out of my house and  took a sharing auto rickshaw for Delhi Metro. Not because I believe in sharing or savings but , I didn’t had any other option. I was sitting between the two bulky ladies. My feelings were same as like a poor stuffing between two thick bun slices.  “Congrats I am a sandwich now”?

Here I came to know, why people die due to lack of oxygen while travelling…. “Is that so?”

Ahhh..…hats off to my foolish thoughts.

Finally, I reached to the Neelam Ajronda metro station (a station of Delhi Metro in Faridabad) took a deep breath. I boarded the metro train for Central Secretariat.  That Ladies Coach was crowded; I was just wishing to get a seat. “I requested few passengers to shift a little, so that I could get some space to sit. I was lucky, I got some seat to place my butt. I was half hanging from the seat, but I tried to make myself comfortable.


I was stressing for my interview. My mind was pondered with worries. That interview was really important to me. I was preparing my answers in my mind. But over stressing can ruin my thing. I decided to distract my worries. I started observing other people in the coach.

“How come this girl dress up so ugly?

“Why that girl is overloaded with makeup? Seems like she had fallen into a makeup tank intentionally.

“is she taken a bath in the morning??

Uhhh…not interested to see those weird faces. I took my ear phones out of my bag and

Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro

tuned to some happening music and got lost in my own.

Suddenly I realized, the girl sitting next to my right in Delhi Metro ,pulled out something big out of her bag. That was a sketch book. She was carrying a small pencil in her hand. She started from a few curved lines. I was having no Idea what she is going to draw. She was looking again and again towards an old lady sitting on to our opposite seat.


“Is she sketching that lady on to her book???”

The old lady was probably 65 years plus of her age. She was wearing an old and loosely fitted grey colored salwar-kammez with pink colored flowers printed on to it. Her hairs were neatly pined and tied into a braid. Her face was full of wrinkles. Her age lines can be seen clearly, even from a distance. Her skin was hanging loose as if a melting ice cream.

I again peeked in to her sketch book and my heart got filled with amaze. It was the face of that old lady on her sheet. She was so quick with her pencil stokes.

” Seems like she is a perfectionist. What a talent. She is an artist”.

She turned around towards another girl. She was a tall, teen aged college going girl. Standing beside the door, wearing jeans and T-shirt and carrying a big book (as the book was not looking like an ordinary book)  in her hands and reading something out of it. The artist girl started drawing the college girl on another sheet. Somehow the college teen noticed.  She started behaving like a model. Clutching her legs and twisting. No wonder if she fall down on the floor.

On another corner a girl was sitting on the floor with her friend. The sketch artist started drawing them also.

I noticed a similar pattern with her sketches. I wondered why she is not completing any of her sketches??? She made 4-5 sketches of some random ladies, but all of them were incomplete.

But why??

May be she doesn’t know how to draw further? But her drawing skills don’t appear to be like that. She was perfect with her pencil strokes.

“Is  she in a hope to meet those ladies again some time? Is that so? Will she really gonna get a chance to see those faces again and then complete her sketches? is she really in that hope seriously?? “

I wondered!

But I really wanted her to complete that old lady sketch.

She closed her sketch book and started moving towards the door. The next station was Lajpat Nagar.


I wanted to shout, “ hey girl when you are gonna make sketch. But I kept my mouth shut. She was an average looking girl. Wearing a simple jeans and plain black kurti (Top), round face cut with an  unexpectedly fair complexion, without any makeup. Her hairs were tightly tied up in a high pony tail. She was not that beautiful, but her talent made her stands first among all the beauties. She de-boarded  the train and I was just wishing some day she will get to complete those incomplete sketches. She made my day with her talent. I was happy for no specific reason.

Often we met many temporary people in our life, among those a very few leaves a deep impression on our heart without even making much efforts. She was among one of them. She really inspired me.

We always rush after our desires to complete but still we never get satisfied but that girl was looking satisfied with her in-completions. We should never give up on our hopes. We just need to give our best, definitely we’ll get a chance to achieve our desires, but on correct time.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”




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