Manali is now a victim of its own prestige

Finally!!  Its summer vacations and we need to escape the scorching heat and hustle-bustle of city. Let us go to a beautiful hill station. Why not go to the most popular one, let us go to Manali. Surrounding hills, pleasant weather, peace, may be some snow and we would be right in the lap of nature. Bags packed and driving mode on. So, here’s Manali and contrary to our expectations; traffic jams, crowded streets, pollution and noise welcomes us in Manali. Hotels are 100% occupied and it’s almost impossible to get a decent hotel on the spot.”

Above scenario quite genuinely and honestly describes the ongoing situation in Manali. 3-4 hours’ jam is very normal and is expected. Reasons for jam are tourists as well as authorities. As soon as vehicle gets stuck in jam, some brainless drivers start driving in wrong direction and stuck the traffic from both sides. Authorities are least interested in putting a fine or controlling this behavior as it is a routine for them.  If you have not booked hotel in advance, you are in sheer trouble.

Manali is getting overburdened and overcrowded because of its own prestige as most popular hill station. It is indeed beautiful but not in the peak season. All you would hear is honking of vehicles, all you would see is long traffic jam and all you would feel is irritated and tired.

If it is in your travel list, then we have some suggestions for you:

  1. Do not visit in peak season like summer vacations or snow fall.
  2. Book your stay away from Mall road. Solang valley is much better option.
  3. Try to reach in early hours. You would still get traffic but a little less.
  4. Have patience.


All the best for you trip to Manali. Do share you experience with us.


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