Run Away Ghost – a story of Ghost House

Ghost in the House

Mehra family is packing their bags hurriedly, paying no attention to what has left out and what has been packed. This is not because of any excitement of the new house or because of eagerness to vacate the house. The only reason for their quick actions is the terror of a ghost. A ghost, an invisible menace, has led them to move out of their current residence. Mr. Mehra is still cursing the day, when he confirmed the deal of buying this property. First few days, were very normal to them. As days passed, they started experiencing some unusual activities around them.

It all started with water taps. Every morning they used to wake up to the sounds of running water from all taps of the house, at once. Initially they considered it as a maintenance issue. Then, they started hearing loud giggling sounds from different corners of the house. Kids were not scared of these voices; instead they it was fun for them, to find the directions of sound. Mrs. Mehra started suggesting performing some rituals for the paranormal, which Mr. Mehra instantly refused until that Friday.

On Friday night, Mrs. Mehra woke up and realized that their youngest son is not on the bed. She checked in the bathroom, he was not there. She went into the drawing room and saw her son bouncing in the air. She shouted his name but he was consistently looking towards a point on the floor. Mr. Mehra, also came outside on hearing his wife’s scream. First time in his life, he felt supernatural activity. He was almost frozen at that point. Mrs. Mehra ran towards her son and held his hand to drag him downwards. Suddenly there were loud sounds of utensils falling from racks. They picked their son and rushed towards their room and bolted the door. The whole night was passed while they sat in their room holding each other. In the morning, they stepped outside to see a scattered kitchen. That very moment, Mr. Mehra called their property agent and told him to find a new house on urgent basis.

Today, finally they are moving out of this house. The car has arrived and they have put all their baggage in it. They board the car with a relief and Mrs. Mehra said,” I am happy to leave this house, now we could leave peacefully at our new place”. “I am also very excited to see my new house”, Ghost sitting on the car roof also murmured while rubbing his hands in excitement.


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