Top 50 rare linux interview question and answers

List of most common Interview questions on linux. Question 1: Explain LILO? Ans: LILO (Linux Loader) is the boot loader for Linux

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5 Adventurous activities that you can plan over weekends

For the adventure loving people of Delhi, we are providing a list of 5 adventurous activities that you can enjoy

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List of Rich but lesser known owners of luxurious Lamborghinis in India

Lamborghini – just listening to this word make us go day dreaming about this exotic and ultra luxurious vehicles. To

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7 Proven Ways to keep your daily life exciting and alive

One of the most peculiar aspect of human tendency is that we get bored easily of everything. Even if it

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Top 10 holiday destinations of India in year 2017: Block your calendar now

Confused about where to go this year? We bring you the top most holiday destinations for this year so you

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Last minute Valentine’s day Ideas!!!!!

So, after reading the title you suddenly realized its Valentine’s day and you haven’t plan anything? Or you have seen

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